Be Present: If you are alone and fantasizing, be present to yourself, to your emotions, to your sensations, to your sounds, and to your fantasy.  If you are with a partner, throw out any fantasies and be present to your partner.  Gaze into his eyes.  Give yourself permission to look at whatever you want.  Be present to what you want in the moment, and go for it.

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So what’s the big hoopla about achieving a G-spot orgasm?  In addition to the excitement, thrill and satisfaction you experience, G-spot orgasms can deepen your satisfaction and aid in your personal healing. 

This is because you are breathing slowly, you are relaxing your muscles and tension is released from your body with each pant you make.  Achieving one requires that you really get to know your body.  The better you know it, the more likely you are to experience a G-spot orgasm. Guaranteeing sexual satisfaction gives you the power to harness in with your partner and enjoy the ride together.  The relaxation allows you to face the next day with a clearer state of mind.

Thus it is beneficial to know where the G-spot is.  Remember you must be thoroughly aroused to find it and to get any pleasure from the urethral sponge.  This is the area just above the G-spot. The urethral sponge contains a gland called the Skene’s gland.  This gland swells and fills with a fluid as you become aroused.  As it swells and expands more and more, it causes the G-spot to become sensitive and become more prominent in your vagina. 

Many adults have questions about sex, sex toys and pleasure . . . mainly because you were never taught about sexual health and wellness or about pleasure. You are not alone! It’s time to learn, and I am here to teach you! Come learn with me about sex, sex toys and pleasure.


Sex education classes last approximately 60-90 minutes.
Pricing varies based on the workshop.
Workshops and classes cover 1 specific topic of your choosing.

A private sex education class lead by a professional sexual health educator can be a fun idea for a Bachelorette/Bachelor party, Adult Birthday party, Girls’ Night, couples party or Sorority event.

You get to choose what you and your guests want to learn about. For each topic, you will receive in-depth instruction. You will learn about specific topics as they relate to pleasure, sex toys, sex and relationships. Private shopping will be available following the sex education workshop, where you will be able to answer your questions.

Shade Media is a sex education company who teaches pleasure-based sex education to adults. We offer sex education classes, one-on-one consultations and the ability to buy only high-quality adult products and organic or all-natural sex accessories. I am an educator, not a salesperson.

If you are interested in something other than learning about a general overview of adult toys and pleasure, sex education classes are pleasure-based sex education to adults in a fun and non-threatening way. Workshops are  for Women, Men & Couples – ALL Genders and Sexualities are welcome.

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