On the run and struggling with her sex addiction, Debra does what any black woman would; she reinvents herself.  Moving to Georgia, she opens a business that is right in line with her high sex drive and love for thrills and excitement. 

Continuing from 'Maybe She is Right.' being a danger to herself was one thing, now she is a danger to others as well, meet the ladies of Say You Swear Enterprise, and find out how Debra traps them into becoming her own personal sex pawns. 

Sexy is as sexy does!

"So excited to be a writer for After Hours HD!"  - Debra 

This Summer, check out Webcam Diaries on XBOX 360, XBOX One, Roku Tv, Amazon Fire Tv, Android Tv, and Opera Tv.  Scripts written by Debra will be steamy, sexy and perfect for the sensual side of television. 

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Visual Diversity at its Finest

Nominated for International Women's Day  Award 2014

Haunted by a troubled past, Debra "Dee" Johnson's life becomes even more unsettling after she finds herself in front of a judge for a crime she can't remember committing. 

 Dubbed, "Penthouse without the pictures." this book will surely give you incentive for some private time!  If you are not offended by big dick, pussy, wet and fuckable are words you enjoy reading - you need to pick up a copy of this book!  Great news, its a paperback and Ebook!

Shade Media is pleased to have Author Debra Shade and her unique style of writing and expression.  Her beliefs in sexual exploration and acceptance of others to find their sexual freedoms, is unique and  freeing.

Debra delivers candid and funfilled workshops on sex topics such as: Are Sex Toys for You? , Embrace Your Sensuality, and Queer Answers for Straight Questions entitled Adult Recess: Sexual Taboos.  Her books can be found in 32 Lions Den in the Midwest region, MAOTEF gifts and The Garden on High to name a few retailers in Columbus, OH as well as Amazon.com!


She holds book signings with a twist!  Sexy is as sexy does while holding signings with live musical bands, burlesque and boylesque dancers, comedians and/or strippers and spoken word artist.

Debra is an Columnist for Outlook Magazine, script writer for AfterHours HD and the host/MC of Adult Recess.  A monthly Adult party held on the last Saturday of every month in Columbus, OH..  Join our mailing list to get location updates!

<2469 E. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43229 614-407-4233>