Morning luvs! OK so censor alert. This is something I typically would put on my fan page, but I am soooooo sooooo soooo bothered by the number of people who believe female ejaculation is pee. If this was the case, why do men not pee when ejaculating? Let's Chat.
The fluid (ejaculate), uses the ureter (the duct that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder) just as urine does. This is why it feels as if you have too pee or that your bladder is full right before it happens. Your PC muscle, (the one you squeeze when doing kegels), contracts and closes off the opposite flow, based on the bodies reaction from pleasure.
This is evident in men every morning when they try to relieve themselves with an erection. The PC muscle is contracting and needs less stimulation to urinate.
If it was pee, none of us would be here. Just saying.
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There is something to be said about a person who has never experienced mind-altering orgasms.  It is my wish that everyone able, has this experience. There are several ways to increase the intensity of your orgasms and to overcome barriers preventing them.

Male or Female, your orgasms may be prevented by stress, pressure, discomfort, level of attraction to the partner or even medical issues.  Try working on the barriers and continue to try to experience an orgasm.  

Masturbating may help overcome a barrier.  If you can find a way to pleasure yourself to orgasm, you may be able to reenact the pattern that brought that on.  Practice also helps.  Don't be afraid to try, even if your sexual activity does not end in orgasm regardless of intensity. 

If having an orgasm is possible, you may be interested in having a more intense orgasm. Weak orgasms end in fast heartbeat, tingles, secretion and a bit of relaxation for most.  Some intense orgasms end in spasms, ejaculation, tingling, audible and physical exhaustion. 

There is a ton of options to reach the intensity and they include positions, location and physical ability.  As much as possible, you should enjoy trying to get there.

Do you orgasm every morning? Tell us how an orgasm improves your day in the comments!
*      Less Stress
*      Better Work Performance
*      Less Belly Bloat
*      Beauty and Brains
*      Laser-Sharp Focus
*      Good Things Come to Those Who Feel Good

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